Meet the Experts

Want to be a ticketing genius? During the expo, you’ll meet with our product experts, uncover next generation event management solutions, learn how to sell tickets anywhere, and understand the value of knowing and connecting with every fan. Be sure to register early for a demo session as space is limited!

INTIX Exhibition Schedule

Tuesday 5:00-7:00 pm CST
Wednesday 2:00-5:00 pm CST
Thursday 12:00-2:00 pm CST

Event Booking

EventBooking is a Ticketmaster Technology Partner, and VenueOps is the latest booking and venue management software release by EventBooking. It is intelligently developed for arenas, theaters, and stadiums by combining CRM/Sales, live entertainment booking, event management, resource tracking, finance, post-show reporting, and more into one streamlined, web-based platform. User-friendly and backed by award-winning customer support, VenueOps can be implemented in a matter of weeks. EventBooking and Ticketmaster hope to release VenueOps integration with TM1 in 2019.

Presenter: James Trimble

New Account Manager

Get all the tools you need to give your season ticket holders a modern ticket management experience. Account Manager offers your multi-event ticket holders a fully customizable, mobile responsive, and self-service ticket management platform that provides the opportunity and flexibility to view, sell and transfer tickets, pay invoices, and stay engaged with relevant content.

Presenter: Jawed Yusufi


Presence is the next generation in identity-based access control and fan engagement. Based on cutting-edge authentication technology, Presence replaces traditional paper tickets with barcodeless digital passes.

Presenter: Alanna Kitaeff

Presence SDK / Ticket Management

Give your ticket holders the ability to quickly view, sell, and send tickets within your venue or team’s mobile app with Ticketmaster’s Ticket Management SDK. The Ticket Management SDK is a set of tools that can be integrated into your mobile app to create a customized, user-friendly interface that simplifies the ticket management experience for your fans.

Presenter: Shaun Allmon

TM1 Events

Quickly create, scale, and publish events using TM1 Events’ self-service suite of tools. From real-time collaboration tools to drawing custom floors, TM1 Events allows you to build your event in a matter of minutes.

Presenter: Jonathan Washbrook

TM1 Marketing

TM1 Marketing provides valuable insights for more effective digital marketing campaign execution and customer engagement. Create highly targeted customer lists to power email or social media marketing campaigns and easily implement pixel tracking and generate Came from Codes (CFCs) to better understand the performance of your campaigns.

Presenter: Scott Larson

TM1 Reports

TM1 Reports gives you the visibility you need to quickly gauge your event health on desktop and with the mobile app. With just a few simple clicks, choose from a menu or schedule reports designed to provide your team with quick insights into primary and secondary ticket sales, web activity, and fan demographics.

Presenter: John Uetz

TM1 Sales

Reimagine your box office with TM1 Sales, a user-friendly desktop and mobile point-of-sales solution. Sell tickets, provide fan support, and manage will call from anywhere inside or outside the venue.

Presenter: Tony Gabriele